2nd Meetup

Welcome to the Fellcrest Cave, can I take your order?

In this meetup, (at the Valley Library at Oregon State University) The Prestidigitators are led to Bulgar’s home, which, as the party finds upon arrival, is not empty. Fearing the worst, Bulgar has the party prepare for battle, and they willingly engage.

Bresh, our Bearmancer, quickly summons his celestial charge, and it proceeds to ravage the target. Who turns out to be none other than our newest member. Dave Dragonsmasher, a Dwarf with an appetite for axes.

Arin has stepped out for this meeting, and the party is led by Bresh.

Bulgar later leads the party to the Fellcrest Cave, which is big, and spooky. (oooOOO0….) At the entrance, the party gleans a sort of ominous feeling, (no joke?) a sort of evil emanating from that place.

Bulgar and Bresh lead the way inside, with Dave taking the point position for the party. A party configuration that seems to pay off, as quite quickly, Dave is mauled by another bear. With it’s tearing claws, and burning eyes, it is no pushover. Just as fear sets in, Trevor Bramwell arrives, taking control of Trellec ‘l Bard Our party strikes with several decisive blows, and as it nears it’s last hit point, and victory looks close; another bear arrives.

At this point, our party has taken some beatings, and two bears seem difficult. Thinking quickly, Aiden points out that the first bear should be dispatched, and the party focuses it’s attention on the weaker bear, which falls promptly. The second bear weathers a few hits, but it’s defeat too is inevitable.

Then, without warning, the Last of the Mahicans arrives, and alerts the party of the remaining, huge bear in the cavern ahead. (That’s a joke, they just found him) This was a boss level creature, and managed to damage our party a bit, but through perseverance and teamwork, they stood strong, and with a critical hit, struck this large bear down.

The next week was a recovery from midterms week, and the Third session would take place on the 5th of Nov. Where the Plot Thickens.



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