3rd Meetup

You know what they say... "Plot runs thicker than Water."

In this chapter of the adventure, The Prestidigtators delved further into Fellcrest cave. They are exploring the vastness of the cave’s atrium, when suddenly, Aiden Adish is pinged by two crossbow bolts.

The party reacts quickly, driving light deep into the atrium of the cavern, and illuminating their foe. Two goblin archers, both skittish and ranged, begin to fill the air with arrows. As the party closes in, they get desperate, one of them switching to melee combat, and the other simply running away. The melee fighter is quickly dispatched by Dave-ward DragonSmasher, our dwarven tank. After “Reaping” goblin number 1, Dave proceeds towards goblin number two, followed close behind by Erin.

Goblin number two releases a daily power, firing three bolts in rapid succession, none of them hit however, and he is quickly “reaped” by none other than our friend, the Dragon-Smasher.

Following the combat rounds, the party finds themselves faced with an insurmountable objective. A vast, yawning, chasm. Far too big to jump across without taking some damage, and far too wide to try to find another way across. Our skillful magus took a look around, perhaps more than one look around, and found a huge stalagmite hanging from the ceiling of the cave.Thinking Brashly, he fires a few Scorching Bursts into it’s meaty flank, finishing it with one classic “Magic Missile.” The Stalagmite fell, creating a land/ice-bridge across the chasm. Of course, that didn’t mean the party could simply walk across. Nay, they all attempted to cross without taking damage. A truly acrobatic feat. Aiden and Dave made it across unscathed, and the rest of our party slipped on the ice, taking a little damage on the way down. Trellec attempted to leap across the Chasm, landing and rolling for little damage.

The true test, however, was yet to come. Further in the cave, the environment getting darker, colder, and less hospitable by far, the party finds a large atrium, with torches and a seemingly homey atmosphere. Not for long.

Inside the room was an Ice Magus, an unscrupulous wizard who has let themselves be possessed by spirits of an element. (In this case, Ice.) This bonding delivers raw power, at the loss of your soul, and everything that makes you who you are. It is these unscrupulous spirits, when at the peak of their power that deliver startling shifts in climate, or simply snow in a town… Snow that hasn’t stopped… And involves bears, and killings… (Cough)

Anywho, the party engages Magus, who trashtalks, and damn near kills everyone in the party, but with careful planning, some good hits from Our bearmancer, and a Daily power from Dave, magus falls to the might of the party, who recuperate and plan their next move.

  1. Robe of the Conjurer
  2. Rod of the North



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