4th Meetup

...The Hell?

In this segment of the adventure, our heroes began by leveling up. After the (considerable) time had been taken to do just that, we continued on the journey. If you recall, just last time, the party defeated Magus, a dark sorcerer who had given himself fully to the powers of Ice, and rested and recovered from the battle. Aiden and Trelic picked up loot, a Robe of the Conjurer that increases fire damage and resistance; as well as a Blizzard’s staff, that fires magical ice energies, at no cost to the user.

The party descended into a crypt under Fellcrest Cave. This crypt was extensive, and the opening area had several sepulchers, (reeeeally nice coffins) which the party wanted nothing more than to open. Naturally, they proceeded to do so, and the first coffin was nice and full of noxious gas, which poisoned and hurt the closest party members.

There was some writing on the coffins, which glowed when the gas escaped, some of it was indeed missing, but the clearer bits of one of the coffins read: “Here Lies Velwyn Hero of Angmar Laid to rest with Markus, his Chosen Blade”

The party decided as a group then, to begin checking the coffins for traps, only two of which they were able to find. Upon opening the grandest coffin in the room, Erin was overcome by a glittery floating cloud, which engulfed his person. He waited, coughed, and generally did all the things you’re supposed to do before you die, and nothing happened. He was fine. And located in the coffin was an immense sword. Then the moaning of a group of ghouls sounded through the oaken doors at the opposite end of the room.

With a quick check of their surroundings, the party saw a ghoul in the left corner of the dungeon room. It was dispatched almost immediately by Aiden Adish, who dished out a magic missile with an 18.

This struck up further moans from the zombies in the adjacent area, and the party, led by Content Not Found: 5969259692 charged into the room. They were met by some shamblers, rotters, and a few zombie warlocks. The enemies began to fall, and just as Erin’s turn to combat came round, everything melted away, the cave, the enemies, and the world itself seemed to swim. All of Erin’s allies dissipated, and the room was replaced by a grand hall, roughly of the same dimensions and shape as the Undercroft he was in previously, but new, lit, and smelled a whole lot better. All that was in the room was a four person group, standing at an altar/throne having what appeared to be a war council.



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