Bulgar is the sole defender of the town of Fellcrest, and the job has gotten strange lately.


Bulgar was born to the noble family of Bjork. He is a stalwart man, never asking for any favor, nor being long in distributing it.

Bulgar Bjork is the last of his line. His parents died in the mountains surrounding Fellcrest, as protectors of a trade rout. Murdered by bandits, they spent their lasts breaths protecting their son from the Bandit’s evil blades.

Bulgar Bjork has made it his life’s goal to protect the people of Fellcrest, much in the same way his parents protected him. This was a perfectly fine arrangement, Bulgar never had much trouble, until a series of strange nocturnal attacks began in Fellcrest. Fearing for their safety, the Fellcrestians looked to their protector for well… protection. Unfortunately, it is all too often in the real world that you will come up against something out of your own power to control or stop, and this was one such time.

Fearing for his charges’ lives, he did not hesitate to enlist the help of some of the roving adventurers in Fellcrest, and after several attempts to locate the source of the attacks; (which resulted in many a dead adventurer) he found the Prestidigitators. Known for their plucky leader Arin, the PD’s would be the one thing that could stand between this unstoppable force and the city of Fellcrest.


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